About Samui lifestyle

Koh Samui has for the past decade been known for its amazing balance between luxury and a simple lifestyle. Blessed with pristine beaches, awe-inspiring tropical vegetation, a myriad of satellite islands, iconic religious buildings, and jaw-dropping natural wonders, this island provides the idyllic setting for those wishing to be drawn in by the southern Thai charm and the hospitable people of this coconut laden island.

In recent times the island has flourished into one of the most preferred retirement and relocation destination in South East Asia, drawing foreign residents from over 89 nationalities to live and carry on a peaceful existence on this remarkable island.

Luxury villas and luxury hotels adorn the North, North East and East of the island with the most famous hotel brands all vying for a coveted piece of real-estate to develop a spectacular hotel.

The strong environmental protection laws limit property development to just less than 20% of the island, preserving over 70% of the island in its natural tropical setting.

Hourly flights from Bangkok and direct flights to Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore connect Samui to the rest of the world.

Its 50 kilometer coastline is mostly protected through a law that now forbids high-rise developments and requires that no story building may be built within 50 meters of the high-tide line, and limits the height of building to just 12 meters.

Stunning beaches

A 10 minute drive will always lead you to a stunning beach or the beautiful ever-green interior of the island where waterfalls, zip-lining, elephant sanctuaries, coconut farms and the hardworking locals carry on an existence that they have done for a millennia.

Sunny & Tropical Days

Koh Samui’s year round fantastic weather means that visitors enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine, making it one of the most unique destinations in Asia for vacations, having the longest tourist season.

Amazing sunsets

Fantastic sunset is designed to embrace that ambiance, with lush vegetation, the omnipresent ocean, ample spaces and a desire to maximize a natural interaction.

The Pearl of the gulf of thailand

Samui has stayed clear of mass tourism by limiting charter flights into the island, with its only airport being privately owned creating a natural filter for mass tourism and ensuring that the 3 million annual visitors from all over the world cause as minimal impact on the ecology of this gem of the Gulf of Thailand.

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